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about us

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Empark Restaurant is Started in 2022, we have always been and will be going forward too, your cozy corner in this beautiful city of Mangalore. With our enchanting ambience, we aim to give you a unique dining experience with multi cuisine.

  • best of coastal cuisines

    Mangalore is home to the best of coastal cuisines and we have the good fortune of having chefs who happen to specialize in and have mastered these.

  • vegetarian and non-vegetarian

    We specialize in a variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, Chinese, Continental and local delicacies as well.

  • overseen by our Chef

    Empark Restaurant is The kitchen overseen by our Chef who works closely with local farmers and fishermen, offering contemporary, seasonal local cuisine with elements of north Indian & south Indian cooking. And a knowledgeable staff make for perfect pairings.


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